The voice of the legendary Ukrainian opera singer Dmitry Gnatyuk was heard in the best theaters in the world, so without exaggeration we can say that the whole planet applauded…

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The Queen of the Opera - Galina Vishnevskaya
Her work represents an entire era, it turned out to be so bright and exciting. The life of the great Galina Vishnevskaya was just as intense. The tragic pages of…

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First of all, Andrei Makarevich is known as the founder of the legendary “Time Machine”, with which he went from a musical underground to the status of master of Russian…

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music beckoned


The rare vocal data, the fantastic energy of creativity and the excellent choreography of Raphael can not be compared with any performer known to the world. The idol of millions, the god of musical Olympus, a singer, actor, dancer, owner of a “uranium” disc and hundreds of other awards and prizes every time he collects full houses at his concerts.

Church Choir Boy
For more than half a century, Rafael has been giving his work to all fans of real music. Concerts, tours, recording of records and disks, television shows, filming in films and music programs – this is an endless series of performances that the artist is not going to stop. He says that he does not accept the word “pension” and does not plan to leave the stage.

Rafael was born in the south of sunny Spain on May 5, 1943 in the town of Linares. There were five children in the Continue reading


The voice of Christina Aguilera is one of the most recognizable among all American vocalists, and she herself has long received the title of pop diva from her colleagues and fans. Kristina won the title “Princess of Pop” at the very beginning of her career and continues to prove that she deserves this title by selling 50 million albums worldwide.

You can only imagine what other hits await us ahead.

Young star
Christina’s childhood was not at all cloudless. She was born on December 18, 1980 in New York. His father (an emigrant from Ecuador) was a military man and kept his family in austerity, which sometimes was more reminiscent of tyranny. Aguilera’s mother suffered this for six years, and then she took two daughters and left for Pennsylvania to start a new life.

Despite the family troubles, the mother paid maximum attention to the children and developed their creative abilities, Continue reading

The penetrated Lara Fabian

The voice of Lara Fabian bewitches from the first chords of any composition. It is impossible to confuse it with any singer, her style is so original. She goes on stage with almost no makeup, in restrained outfits, without dancers and with a minimum of musicians. And in this she is inimitable. The singer is sure that the viewer should not distract anything from the sound of music and vocal skills of the performer. And in the piggy bank of vocal mastery, Lara has a lyrical soprano of 4.1 octaves.

Sicilian and Flemish daughter
Lara Fabian was born into an ethnic family on January 9, 1970. It happened in Belgium, in the town of Etterbick. Lara’s mother has Sicilian roots, and her father is Flemish. The family lived for several years in Sicily, and when their Continue reading

Bold, bright and decisive is Irina Dubtsova, whose songs are taken for the soul and make you experience genuine emotions. She is called the "iron lady" of the modern stage.…


The vocal abilities of this singer span five octaves. With her unique voice, she has long fascinated music lovers around the world. And now she is rightly called one of…


Hearing the name of this artist, most music lovers will immediately remember the famous “Smereka”, “Bird of Happiness” and “Raspberry Ringer”. Although part of the singer’s fans prefers such hits…


Sometimes it’s hard for us to even explain how Viktor Tsoi was able to earn such a popular love. He wrote music and sang songs that awakened people, removed from…