The whole scale of Vladimir Vysotsky’s talent is difficult or even almost impossible to convey in simple phrases. The significance of his personality in the history of culture of the…

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Hearing the name of this artist, most music lovers will immediately remember the famous “Smereka”, “Bird of Happiness” and “Raspberry Ringer”. Although part of the singer’s fans prefers such hits…

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ISAI Eugene
ISAI (Ysaye) Eugene (16 VII 1858, Liege - 12 V 1931, Brussels) - Belgian violinist, composer, conductor, teacher and music community. figure. Rod in the family of a musician. He…

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Sunny Georgia has become the birthplace of many talented people. It was here that poets, musicians, sculptors, filmmakers and other creative personalities became famous all over the world. Vakhtang Kikabidze is among these lucky ones. He is one of the most popular singers and actors of Georgia, he is loved and respected by millions of people on the planet. The performer’s concerts were held on all continents and everywhere full halls greeted him with warmth, gratitude and enthusiasm. It is impossible to confuse or forget Kikabidze’s voice with a “brand-name” hoarse sound after hearing at least one of his many songs.

July 19, 1938 a boy was born in the Kikabidze family in Tbilisi, who was named Vakhtang. Father Konstantin Continue reading


In musical culture, personalities of such a scale appear extremely rarely, the more valuable their contribution to world history. Perhaps it sounds rather pathetic, but we were lucky to live at the same time with such people, because not everyone has the opportunity to touch the work of those who are recognized as cult during life. Undoubtedly, one of these favorites is the magnificent Madonna. Her merits are appreciated. The Guinness Book of Records marked her as the most commercially successful performer of all time, and the authoritative Time magazine included Madonna in the list of the most influential women of the last century. Journalists have long called her the queen of pop music, but the path to this title was not easy for the singer.

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ISAI Eugene

ISAI (Ysaye) Eugene (16 VII 1858, Liege – 12 V 1931, Brussels) – Belgian violinist, composer, conductor, teacher and music community. figure. Rod in the family of a musician. He studied the violin from the age of 4 under the arms. father – violinist and theater. conductor, from 7 years old – at the Liege Conservatory at D. Heinberg. Playing simultaneously in orchestras, in 1869 he was forced to leave classes at the conservatory. After several. years, with the assistance of A. Vyotana, was again admitted to the class of R. Massard. From 1874 he studied at the Brussels Conservatory with G. Venyavsky, in 1876-79 – in Paris with A. Vyotan. Already in these years the characteristic features were performed. Art I. – fiery temperament, power and beauty of tone. In 1879-83 accompanist symph. B. Bilze Orchestra in Berlin, where in 1881 A.G. Rubinstein heard his play (met him earlier in Paris). Carried away by I.’s extraordinary talent, Rubinstein made an end with him. a trip to Norway and Sweden and in 1882 he came with I. to Russia. In St. Petersburg, I. first made a stand-alone. recitals, toured in Moscow, Kiev, Odessa. Close communication with the great Russian. pianist had a decisive influence on the formation of artistic. I.’s personalities, which resembled Rubinshtein, will not only be “lion” Continue reading

The Case of Mikhail Arkadyev

First introduce myself. Pyatov Ilya Alexandrovich. A simple listener, but I assure you, the listener is attentive. He attended concerts of the Pacific Symphony Orchestra with different intensities since 1993. He was at more than half of the TSO concerts, which were conducted by Mikhail Arkadyev. I have personally known him since September 2009. He attended many of his rehearsals; well knowing the main part of the repertoire and having experience as a sound engineer, I listened from the hall to the sound of the orchestra and communicated my observations about the balance of the volumes of various groups of instruments. He worked as a sound engineer in separate concerts, including during the performance of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony and his Wellington Victory at Vittoria.

I speak on this issue firstly, because I care about what is happening around, and secondly, because I feel deep sympathy and respect for Mikhail Arkadyev. I consider myself obligated when writing this article to be guided only by the first of these two reasons, while the second should be left only as a pretext for action, which does not affect the course of the action itself.
The point of view of Mikhail Arkadyev, repeatedly expressed by him in various interviews, is presented in sufficient Continue reading

“What would I be if I did not believe in God and did not surrender to His will?”

The story of the impressions of the concert dedicated to the 170th anniversary of P.I. Tchaikovsky, which was performed by the Symphony No. 5 of the composer, I want to start with a small fragment that talks about the beauty of God’s creation: “Our eternal God! You did it all. Child! Look at these plants, so beautiful, these roses, these flowers of Veronica – they are so beautiful. A brilliant sun illuminates the whole world; this deity created him. Moon, stars illuminate our night. Without You bread could not grow, the waves of these beautiful waters … we would die without them. The seas, whose stretch is so great. Rivers surround them … God created them. Mighty God, They worship you! .. ”

How similar are these lines with the words of the pre-initial, 103rd, psalm, aren’t they? But to whom do they belong? And what do they have to do with the Dnepropetrovsk concert? Continue reading

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Megatalent, incredible hard work, constant self-improvement, the desire in creativity to get ahead of time and the desire to always give people a holiday - these qualities nature awarded the…


The rare vocal data, the fantastic energy of creativity and the excellent choreography of Raphael can not be compared with any performer known to the world. The idol of millions,…


It can be said without exaggeration that this singer wrote one of the pages of the modern history of Ukraine with her work. She made a cultural breakthrough when she…


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