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The vocal abilities of this singer span five octaves. With her unique voice, she has long fascinated music lovers around the world. And now she is rightly called one of…

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The rare vocal data, the fantastic energy of creativity and the excellent choreography of Raphael can not be compared with any performer known to the world. The idol of millions, the god of musical Olympus, a singer, actor, dancer, owner of a “uranium” disc and hundreds of other awards and prizes every time he collects full houses at his concerts.

Church Choir Boy
For more than half a century, Rafael has been giving his work to all fans of real music. Concerts, tours, recording of records and disks, television shows, filming in films and music programs – this is an endless series of performances that the artist is not going to stop. He says that he does not accept the word “pension” and does not plan to leave the stage.

Rafael was born in the south of sunny Spain on May 5, 1943 in the town of Linares. There were five children in the family, my father worked as a builder, so there was not much income and it was not possible for Rafael to give an expensive education to his offspring. Miguel Rafael Martos Sanchez (and this is the full name of the future singer) lived in his hometown for only three years, after which his parents moved to Madrid with relatives.

There, Raphael was attached to a parish school, where he demonstrated his vocal abilities in a church choir. Thanks to his early talent and abilities, the boy went to school for free. And the church also received a good income from parishioners who came to the temple not only to pray, but also to listen to the wondrous little boy.

By the way, he did not differ in special diligence, so several times he was expelled from the educational institution, but after a while they even asked him to return. Nevertheless, the desire to have a talented chorus in their ranks prevailed.

Best baby voice
At 9 years old, the gifted boy dared to try his hand at the international vocal competition in Salzburg – in the birthplace of the brilliant Mozart. There, Rafael won the prize and was recognized as the owner of the best children’s voice. A few years later, his desire to become a real artist, singer Rafaelstalo was so serious that even the persuasion, arguments and arguments of his parents could not convince him.

Moreover, over time, his father instilled in Rafael a love of dance and taught him to accompany his performances with plastic movements, believing that the dance on stage is in no way inferior to vocals.

The young man began to earn his bread by playing music in night cabarets, then he made his way into small concert halls and so began his professional career more than 50 years ago.

The film producers did not disregard his work and invited him to play a cameo role in the film “Twins.” Before Raphael revealed another side of multifaceted art.

Rafael is a solo pioneer
Ahead of him was a real success. In 1962, he participated in the competition of his native Spanish song in the city of Benidorm. Among several songs performed in his performance was “Llevan”, which brought him the title of “Best Artist”. The second, third, fifth, eighth and ninth places also took his composition. Six songs in the top ten of the then popular competition – it was more than a victory. Singer Rafael

Rafael became a real revolutionary in the musical field of his homeland. And the thing is that in 1965 he invested all his savings in organizing a big solo concert in one of the best theaters in Madrid – Zarzuela. Prior to this, no one practiced solo concerts in Spain, because Rafael became a pioneer.

There were many skeptics who believed that he would burn out by investing such money in such a dubious event, they even called him crazy. However, the grandiose success of the concert quickly cooled the ardor of ill-wishers – there was a real full house, after each song, the audience stood shouting “bravo”. And this significant fact of his biography was even used in the film When You Are Not, in which Rafael played the main role.

Spanish nightingale
Rafael climbed another step on the stairs to Olympus after participating in the famous Eurovision. True, the prize places were not subdued to him either in 1966 or in 1967, because then the Spanish-speaking performers were not held in high esteem by record companies, but for Spain the singer became a national hero, all of Madrid the shepelite Rafael met him at the airport after contests. Since then, at home it has been called nothing more than “Divo Linares” or “Nightingale”.

However, participation in Eurovision helped him conclude promising contracts and start participating in interesting international projects.

He then already obeyed the best concert halls in the world – the famous New York Paramount, Carnegie Hall, Madison Square Garden and Radio City, Paris Olympia, London Palladium and Sydney Opera House. More actively, he began acting in musical films, and the film “Let them Speak” made him a favorite of the public in the USSR.

He was simply adored in the Union, he made serious competition to Soviet performers and even began to overshadow the singer Rafaelich, which the relevant authorities in the Ministry of Culture could not help but notice.

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