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Sometimes it’s hard for us to even explain how Viktor Tsoi was able to earn such a popular love. He wrote music and sang songs that awakened people, removed from their eyes the veil of total propaganda. He became the voice of the people, a symbol of part of the era of Russian rock. Later he began to be called the last hero of the country. By cultural significance and mass influence, Viktor Tsoi was placed next to Vladimir Vysotsky. No artist has been awarded such an honor.

Love for the guitar
The image of Viktor Tsoi formed and grew to a cult level from an ordinary St. Petersburg guy who was born on June 21, 1962. A mixture of Korean and Russian blood flowed in the boy. musician Viktor Tsoi Parents noticed the creative inclinations of their son in childhood – he drew and sculpted well, and in the fifth grade he picked up a guitar, which later helped him climb to the top of fame.

Unfortunately, father Robert Maximovich left the family, and so that this does not greatly affect the psychological state of Victor, his mother wrote him to classes at an art school, but there he gravitated more to music – together with friend Maxim Pashkov they listened to Beatles and fans from Elvis Presley . Later, a drummer also joined them, and together the guys created their debut album, entitled “Moon Moon”.

Dedication of Victor Tsoi
At the age of 15, Viktor Tsoi entered the Serov Art College. And in this educational institution, all the thoughts of the young man were occupied only with the guitar. Soon the freedom-loving Tsoi was expelled from school. Victor found application in his work in the “Automatic Satisfactors” group, musician Viktor Tsoikotorya played punk rock under the guidance of the well-known in narrow circles punk Pig (aka Andrei Panov).

The first song, written by Victor, was the composition “Dedication to Mark Bolan.” And then everything turned around like in a kaleidoscope – a musical party free from conventions, songs, poems, fans. All this has become the meaning of Tsoi’s life.

The musician earned a piece of bread as a woodcarver, which he received at one of the schools in St. Petersburg. And when the first American militants appeared with Schwarzenegger, Tsoi began to paint his portraits and sell near the subway at 1 ruble apiece.

Birth of “Cinema”
In those years, the Soviet rock party gathered at the apartments of Artemy Troitsky and Tsoi’s friend Mike Naumenko. It was he who introduced Victor to Boris Grebenshchikov, who was delighted with the work of the young musician. In 1981, Victor and his friend Alexei Rybin organized the rock group Garin and Hyperboloids, later renamed Kino. The group quickly gained popularity in their area, winning the hearts of fans from local schools and colleges where they performed. And it took quite a bit of time for the guys to be introduced to the legendary Leningrad Rock Club. Colleagues at once recognized in the novice musicians people who could make a wonderful group.

The recording of their first album “45”, produced by Boris Grebenshchikov, quickly spread among music lovers musician Viktor Tseygorod, and young talents immediately had fans and fans.

At the dawn of his career, Choi performed songs with uncomplicated lyrics to simple music and a high voice. A well-thought-out image of a rock idol will appear to the public much later. It took more than one year to create the image. Choi eagerly looked at Western magazines brought by his acquaintances, studied recordings with performances by British and American rock bands to choose the most interesting. He bit by bit gathered his image – the manner of dressing, behaving on stage, wearing a hairstyle, moving. This helped him become an idol for several generations to come.

Our hearts demand change
At one of the parties, Viktor Tsoi met an employee of the Leningrad Circus Marianne, who was able to give him faith in herself. The young people soon got married, and in 1985 they had a son, Alexander. musician Viktor TsoiMarianna quickly joined the life of the Kino group – she was an administrator, a dresser, and a make-up artist. From the experience of many other rock bands, we know that the appearance of women in them did not lead to anything good. So it happened with the “Cinema”. Alexei Rybin felt unnecessary in the team and left.

At the same time, Viktor received a summons from the draft board. A man of such a nature could not even imagine that he would ever take up arms. Then Choi made a risky decision to go to a psychiatric hospital in order to avoid military service. He imitated a suicide attempt, and an ambulance took him to a mental hospital. The psychiatrist was unable to take Viktor to clean water and reveal his fraud, because he was silent for a month. Marianne went to work in the hospital as a nurse to be with her beloved person.

After the birth of his son, Victor joyfully plunged into family chores, persistently endured sleepless nights, tried to protect his wife from problems, looked after the child, dedicated songs to him. All his thoughts and hopes were now connected only with the baby.

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