ISAI Eugene
ISAI (Ysaye) Eugene (16 VII 1858, Liege - 12 V 1931, Brussels) - Belgian violinist, composer, conductor, teacher and music community. figure. Rod in the family of a musician. He…

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Thomas Anders does not flicker daily on TV, you rarely see his interview in newspapers, now he often writes his songs in a duet with various foreign artists and lives…

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The singer Nazariy Yaremchuk lived unfairly shortly, but managed to become a legend of Ukrainian and Soviet pop. The songs “Chervona Ruta”, “Guy, Green Guy”, “Vodograi”, “Stozhari”, “Smerekova Hut”, “I…

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The name of Phil Collins has long been a legend, and not only among rock lovers. This unique musician compiled the talent of a composer, vocalist, drummer, actor and producer.

The result of this explosive creative mixture was world authority and popularity, prestigious awards and prizes, and most importantly – hundreds of our favorite compositions.

Drumstick Maestro
Over his life, Phil Collins has earned the love of music lovers, the recognition of his colleagues and the respect of the monarchs of his homeland – Great Britain. He was born on January 30, 1951 in the English city of Chiswick. The boy’s craving for music began to appear after the parents’s gift for the fifth anniversary of his son. Toy drums were bought for the child, and he began to knock on them to the beat of the music that sounded from the radio. Over time, real drums replaced toy drums, and Phil’s father had to sacrifice a garage for his work, so that the house would not fall apart from an endless shake.

At school, Phil had a great opportunity to develop acting talent in the singer Phil Collins drama club, he attended all local theater productions and at first dreamed of becoming an actor, but still overpowered his love of music. Being a schoolboy, he got together with other children in the extras of the film “Hard Day Evening”, where the main roles were played by Beatles musicians. Seeing live the idols of the whole globe, the young man decided exactly what profession to choose.

After graduation, he becomes a member of the rock band Flaming Youth. The group’s debut album did not become commercially successful, and after a short tour the group completely disintegrated, but this was only the first step in Collins’ career ladder.

Genesis under the wing of Phil Collins
Already in 1970, he was successfully auditioning for the Genesis band. The musicians announced the singer Phil Collins search for a talented drummer, which became Phil Collins. Peter Gabriel himself gave him a compliment and said that he had been looking for a musician with such an incredible sense of rhythm for a long time.

Genesis played progressive rock for intellectuals, diluted music with fragments of academic compositions, added folk melodies and jazz things. Unique arrangements, endless experiments and virtuoso performance made the band members aristocrats in a stream of rock.

The self-taught drummer didn’t have much to do, and Phil was happy to demonstrate his talent as a vocalist. A year later, the young talent was entrusted with the independent performance of the song “For Absent Friends”. It so happened that Genesis frontman and lead singer Peter Gabriel left the band in 1975. It was a high point for Collins – he became not only the drummer of a popular band, but also the performer of most of the group’s songs, managing to write poetry for them.

He had no fear of the mass of fans; only singer Phil Collins felt pleasure from vocal performances. He overcame the fear of the scene in his youth when he was engaged in a theater studio. Now it is time for him to truly take off.

Even a very young Phil Collins did not give the group managers the opportunity to manage themselves, and also stopped the attempts of colleagues in the collective to impose on him their idea of ​​creativity. Thanks to Phil’s rigidity and perseverance, the group, which was on the verge of extinction, breathed in a fresh wind, perked up and became a legend of rock music.

Phil Collins was an unusual rocker. He did not abuse alcohol, did not take drugs, did not participate in sexual orgies, did not smash hotel rooms during the tour, did not arrange public scandals and fights.
Solo swimming
Years later, Phil Collins said about his success in the Genesis band that he never sat in a drum kit and never came up to the microphone with his greatness in mind. A true musician is able to become a great professional only when he forgets about his achievements and accomplishments, continues to work as if there was none of this. This is a kind of test of popularity and a recipe for getting rid of stellar disease. Phil Collins always made too high demands on himself, so the singer Phil Collins became a highly professional musician. He set goals that seemed to many unattainable, went to them, checking his limit of endurance and endurance. Phil is convinced that in the world of musicians no one will remember yesterday’s achievements, the public needs something that will be worthy of tomorrow.

Over twenty years of work in the Genesis group, Collins managed to make her super-popular. But in parallel, he began to engage in a solo career in 1981. His first song, “In the Air Tonight”, rose to the second line of the English charts, and in the United States the song entered the top twenty. His debut album, entitled “Face Value,” was more successful than any Genesis album. At the same time, he still created projects in conjunction with the Brand X jazz ensemble. And in 1985 he received a Grammy figurine for the album “No Jacket Required”.

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