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During life, only a few manage to become a legend; singer Yuri Bogatikov ended up in this galaxy of outstanding performers. At one time he was one of the highest…

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During life, only a few manage to become a legend; singer Yuri Bogatikov ended up in this galaxy of outstanding performers. At one time he was one of the highest paid artists, a favorite not only of the public, but also of many high-ranking officials.

But not at all for this he received titles and awards, but for an amazing gift – to charge with the most powerful energy of songs.

Came to the steppe of Donetsk …
Yuri Bogatikov was born in Donbass (in the city of Enakievo) on February 29, 1932. He always joked that even his birthday is once every four years. His childhood took place in Slavyansk, then Kharkov, where the family eventually moved. But Yuri always remembered his homeland with undisguised pride. His father instilled a love of the song, who often performed something at home, and the children always sang along with him. From the war, the father did not return, and the mother had to raise her sons and daughters alone in the hungry post-war years. As a teenager, Yura got a job at the Kharkov Bicycle Plant to help his mother.

After graduation, Yuri entered the vocational school of communications. The future singer continued his career as a mechanic for the repair of equipment at the Kharkov Telegraph.

All free time from work he spent in amateur groups and did not go unnoticed. The telegraph director sent the young talented singer Yuri Bogatikov to study at a music school. It was there that the teachers helped him polish his voice, brought up a subtle artistic taste in him and accustomed him to the hard daily work of the vocalist.

From the school in 1951, Yuri Bogatikov was called to serve in the Pacific Fleet. Well, how can a real sailor do without a song ?! Yuri performed in the ensemble of song and dance of the Pacific Fleet. The first stage costume for him was a vest, and the deck became the first stage.

All four years in Kharkov he was waiting for his bride Lyudmila, with whom he worked together in a telegraph. After returning from service, Yuri played a wedding, and a few years later she and Lyudmila had a daughter, Victoria.

Creative searches of Yuri Bogatikov
It turns out that Bogatikov dreamed of a career as an opera singer and prepared himself for performances on a “serious” stage. To do this, he had wonderful vocal skills and acting. It is no coincidence that after the fleet he went to enter the theater institute. That year, the chairman of the selection committee was the famous Les Serdyuk. The future artist passed the test with verses and monologues successfully, but after the music contest where Bogatikov sang “Bezmezhnoe Pole”, Serdyuk advised the young man to go immediately to the conservatory, which was through the singer Yuri Bogatikov road. But Yuri decided to complete the training begun several years ago.

Nature generously endowed Bogatikov with a unique baritone, which fascinated with a velvet timbre. After graduating from music school, the artist was immediately accepted into the theater of musical comedy, then he tried his hand at the stage, later worked in the Donbass song and dance ensemble, and then returned to the stage. This time forever.

Often in his youth, Yuri sang before sessions in cinemas. He did this not at all for a fee, but because of an ardent desire to sing in front of the audience.

Yuri Bogatikov gained popularity by performing for the first time the songs “Dark mounds sleep …”, “I haven’t been in the Donbass for a long time”, “Where the Motherland begins”, “At an unnamed height” and “Don’t cry, girl”.

Its pop niche
He was not able to instantly fly up to the pop Olympus, he sought the recognition of the audience by continuous work. Then all the repertoire niches were already distributed among the famous baritones, the singer Yuri Bogatikov, so Bogatikov had to create his own “image”. He realized that you need to sing what is closest to the people – Komsomol songs, military-patriotic creations and songs about labor exploits. Some performers openly called him a careerist for such compositions, but he did not spend his energy on eternal artistic intrigues. He could turn even a frankly banal song into a masterpiece.

Bogatikov knew about his abilities and did not try to jump above his head. And while eminent composers kept an eye on him, he persistently perfected his mastery. Success overtook him in 1967, when he won the competition for young performers of Ukraine. A year later, he won the Grand Prix of the festival in Berlin, and then the Golden Orpheus obeyed him.

Crimean nightingale
In 1963, Yuri was invited to the Lugansk Philharmonic, and from there literally lured to the Crimean. There are even legends about this period of Bogatikov’s life. After the first festival “Crimean Dawns” on the peninsula, the party leader of the resort region Nikolay Kirichenko decided to lure the best singers there. But Donbass did not want to let go of his favorite Bogatikov, in the mining region he was carried in his arms. The Lugansk Philharmonic, in which Yuri Iosifovich worked for many years, did not want to remain without such a talented soloist. Then Kirichenko almost stole it – he sent a car to his house, where all the singer’s belongings were loaded, and he was put into the Volga and taken to the Crimea in a new three-room apartment.

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