The unique timbre of this singer and her surprisingly elegant vocal manner captivated the audience. Even without the title of People’s Artist of Ukraine and not having given a single…

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Jamalu, a Ukrainian singer of Crimean Tatar origin, is considered an uncomfortable performer. And all because she does not shock the public with cheap scandals, does not sing “sticky” songs…

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One can only be surprised at the vicissitudes of fate, which made Edward Gil the most cheerful and cheerful entertainer at a time when his soul was eager for opera singing and a serious repertoire. The legend of the pop song this year would have turned 80 years old. “Dear long”, “If the guys of the whole Earth”, “Winter”, “How ships are escorted”, “Sailor went ashore”, “Hugging the sky”, “It’s time to go the road”, “The last train”, “A man from I’ve left home, ”“ I am walking in Moscow, ”the vocalization“ I am very happy, because I am finally returning home, ”and hundreds of other famous songs performed by the unforgettable voice of Edward Hill.

Military childhood
Eduard Anatolyevich was born in Smolensk on September 4, 1934. Quite briefly he enjoyed a carefree childhood and matured overnight, like many children, with the advent of a terrible war. The kindergarten, where Edward went, was hastily evacuated along with a train of wounded soldiers. The guys got to the orphanage near Ufa.

Then the boy lost hope of ever seeing his parents, because of those adults, only those who had the means to evacuate were able to evacuate. singer Eduard Gil Several times in Ufa, the boys tried to escape from the orphanage to the front, they were quickly caught and returned.

Mom and father were divorced, and after the liberation of Smolensk from the Nazis, Edward sought his stepfather. Mom came for her son to distant Ufa and saw a child exhausted by dystrophy, who could not even walk. She had to carry her son in her arms 25 kilometers to the nearest railway station. Eduard Gil was able to feed and go out thanks to the efforts of his grandmother, who tried to get fat and milk for her grandson.

Dreams of a choir
And even before the war, little Edward heard on the radio the performance of the Leningrad Boys Choir. Then mother promised her son that he would definitely go to study music and singing only when he was a little older. He first had the chance to test his vocal abilities at amateur performances in front of wounded soldiers in evacuation.

Young Gil showed great promise in painting, was going to go to art school, and the St. Petersburg uncle, even the singer Eduard Gil, suggested that he stay with him. But then he found out that he needed to study there for seven years and could not afford to burden relatives in Leningrad for such a long time.

Edward graduated from high school, went to the northern capital and entered the printing college. Later he recalled with humor that it was there that he felt a real voice cut through him. In the Palace of Culture adjacent to the school, Gil ran to listen to classics, and then he himself began to participate in opera performances. At first, these were performances in the choir, and later small parties began to trust him in La Traviata, Eugene Onegin and The Mermaid. Eduard Gil received advice from the professor Ivan Pleshakov, who once went to listen to the performance of young talents. The young man graduated from college and went to the conservatory, where he was immediately accepted to the preparatory department. Even in the draft board, Khil was given the opportunity to calmly retrain at the conservatory and was not drafted into the army, since then Nikita Khrushchev announced a reduction in the size of the army.

The first success of Edward Gil
In 1962, Eduard Gil won his first “vocal” victory at the pop singer contest Eduard Gilpolnitsev with Andrei Petrov’s song “The Way to the Pier.” This was Edward’s first step towards the pop Olympus, and three years later he became the winner of the song contest in Sopot. The recording of this performance was shown on television, and fame and popularity fell on the young artist.

Edward Gil always said that real recognition comes to the artist when the best composers of the country offer him their songs. He was lucky here. Outstanding personalities in the world of music – Mark Fradkin, Alexandra Pakhmutova and Jan Frenkel – wrote songs with pleasure especially for his voice.

Oddly enough, Edward Hill did not like pop singing at all, he was always drawn to the side of classics and romances. The conservatory of performers taught singing without a microphone, its use was even considered bad form, and pop singer Eduard Khilvokalist could not do without such a technique. Fortunately, Gil “figured out” without a conservatory, because one fellowship was tight, and he often participated in festive concerts in parks and houses of culture. There he sang folk songs and revolutionary songs, romances and classics, military and pop.

Then, in all the ministerial offices, the performers were told that the people don’t need any classics and you won’t entertain the audience with romances, so we strongly recommended sending the repertoire to the popstream. That’s how Edward Hill had to start a career on the stage and succeed so quickly there. And he nevertheless secretly performed romances that were called “remnants of the bourgeoisie” at concerts, without announcing their names.

Singer and ballerina
During one of the tours, Eduard Anatolyevich met with Zoe Pravdina, a ballet dancer, who became his faithful companion for life.

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