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The name of Dieter Bohlen evokes a strong association with the Modern Talking group, and yet he has achieved a lot in life and outside this collective. In Germany, he is one of the most talented pop composers of our time and successful producers. None of his projects was a failure, and many songs, and after 30 years, listen and sing with pleasure.

German nugget
They say that Dieter is an inexhaustible source of energy, he never gave up, did not lose heart, did not even allow the thought that he could not achieve his goals. His favorite quote: “Even bad experience can give good results.” And the results of Dieter Bohlen are not few – for 40 years of creativity he has earned hundreds of titles and awards, received an incredible amount of Golden Disks, released hundreds of songs, helped make several artists a career and now does not cease to participate in the musical life of Germany. Each of his projects became popular and brought considerable income.

Of course, one cannot fail to mention some critics who claim that Dieter Bohlen is listened to only in three singers by Dieter of the Bohemian-German-speaking countries and states of the former socialist camp, who supposedly do not know about him in Great Britain and North America. Perhaps the share of objectivity in these statements can be traced, but there are many idols of Americans who are absolutely not perceived in Europe or in Asia. And judging by the commercial popularity of the artist or the team, even without coverage of the American market, Dieter Bohlen’s CDs are sold in million copies. To achieve this, you need extraordinary perseverance, hard work, talent and self-improvement.

Dieter Bohlen was born on February 7, 1954 in the German town of Bern. In the vastness of the Internet you can find several references to the fact that he has Russian roots, since his grandmother was from Kaliningrad. However, as he himself specified, this is more fiction than the truth, although my grandmother really lived in Koenigsberg.

Young Dieter did not cause much trouble to parents, although he was expelled from two schools. When the question arose of choosing a profession, he wanted to engage in singing, and his father (the owner of a construction company) insisted that his son nevertheless graduate from the University of Economics. A compromise was found – Dieter is studying at the university, and his father allows him to study music for a year after Dieter Bohlen. As you can see, this period lasted for many years.

Prolific composer
The novice musician tried his hand at several bands, composed songs, sent them to a recording studio in the hope that someone would like his work.

In 1978, the incredible happened – Dieter received an offer to become an employee of the Intersong music publishing house. There he was to engage not only in songwriting, but also in producing performers.

Dieter Bohlen tried his best, wrote songs one after another, sometimes performed with his creations in the music programs of German TV. He dreamed of popularity, but understood that songs in German would not bring him worldwide fame. And then he began to compose English-language compositions, experimenting with arrangements. And in 1983, he came up with the idea to create his own group. To do this, he needed to find a performer of his songs, because Dieter Bohlen did not possess outstanding vocal abilities.

Modern Talking Group
Once a young singer Thomas Anders came to him to record his album. Hearing the voice of this guy, Dieter realized that he was ideally suited to him as a partner. So the world heard the legendary group Modern Talking, and Dieter Bohlen and Thomas Anders became almost inseparable for three whole years.

With the Eurodisk style, Dieter then hit the bull’s eye – millions of fans around the world went crazy with their idols.

The Blue Dieter Bohlen System
But already in 1987, the ambitions of two talents prevailed. Not without the intervention of the then wife of Thomas Anders – Nora. She believed that Thomas is more gifted and will succeed with solo performances. It was she who persuaded him to quit and leave for the United States. Dieter Bohlen was depressed and resentful of Thomas. He later admitted that Anders broke his dreams of conquering a group of Great Britain and America, destroyed many hopes, crossed out plans and prospects.

Dieter BohlenBlue System
Resigned to the collapse of Modern Talking, Dieter Bohlen took up the Blue System project with renewed vigor and inspiration. Here he showed not only his composing, but also producing abilities. His musical instinct allowed the group to become a leader in the music market in a very short time. Over the 11 years of the existence of the group, Dieter Bohlen released 13 albums and shot 23 videos! In 1989, Dieter became the most successful German composer. In that year, the Blue System group went on tour in the USSR, where they felt the full fame of the whole nation. By the way, in the countries of the former Soviet Union, Dieter Bohlen was more popular than even Michael Jackson himself in the number of discs sold.

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