Stas Namin managed to become a legend and a cult character in a whole cultural layer of the second half of the 20th century, so he does not need special…

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ISAI Eugene
ISAI (Ysaye) Eugene (16 VII 1858, Liege - 12 V 1931, Brussels) - Belgian violinist, composer, conductor, teacher and music community. figure. Rod in the family of a musician. He…

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The name of Phil Collins has long been a legend, and not only among rock lovers. This unique musician compiled the talent of a composer, vocalist, drummer, actor and producer.…

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Many of the musicians dreamed of such a wild popularity that Freddie Mercury had. Even the legends of rock music considered him an outstanding performer and songwriter. It is no secret that it is much more difficult to achieve recognition among colleagues than to gain the love of the public.

Freddy did it. Only the price was too high, but he knew that the show should go on.

Islander with a great future
Mercury gathered thousands of stadiums, a millionth audience on radio and television, had countless fans worldwide and was a mega-star of rock music. Despite such external publicity, he was a secretive person, his life is still shrouded in myths and secrets, the singer Freddy Mercury many questions we can no longer give answers.

He was lucky to be born in a paradise of our planet – on the Zanzibar archipelago. These islands are located in the Indian Ocean off the east coast of Africa. Farukh Balsara, namely, the newborn received such a name, was born on September 5, 1946.

Then on the islands electricity was not in every home, so Farukh’s parents could only hear about events in the world from a neighbor who had a radio. It helped the head of the family to find out that he could give a good education to his son in Indian Bombay. They went there in search of a better life. There, the daughter of Kashira appeared in the family, and Farukh entered a boarding school on the outskirts of Bombay.

The beginning of the journey of Freddie Mercury
The school was guided by the needs of English-speaking children, instilled in them a love of music and sports. Farukh succeeded in this matter. He liked boxing, cricket and table tennis. He even became a school champion in this sport. And at one of the lessons in music, the teacher noticed special creative abilities in him and the singer Freddie Mercury wrote a letter to his parents with a proposal to send his son to individual lessons to learn how to play the piano for a small additional fee. This enabled the boy to seriously engage in music. Along with the main activities, he sang in a school choir and never refused to play roles in amateur theater productions.

Another hobby of the boy was the musical group The Hectics, which was organized by familiar guys from the school and invited to join the twelve-year-old Farukh Bulsar. Pupils of an English boarding school had difficulty pronouncing his name, and then they transformed him into Freddy. Already at this age, he wrote his first song “I’m Going To The Top”. It was with her that his path to rock music began.

The future unique musical style of Mercury was influenced by his stay in India, where he enthusiastically listened to opera music and Indian melodies, where he also found the birth of rock and roll.

Hello England!
After graduating from the boarding school, Freddy returned with his parents to Zanzibar, where the whole family was facing a difficult test. In 1964, Great Britain handed over the archipelago to the singer Freddie the Mercury of the Arab Sultan, and the island became autonomy within Tanzania. A rebellion began in Zanzibar, the Balsar family decided to emigrate to England. At first they lived with distant relatives. Later, having bought a small house, they settled on the outskirts of London.

Creative nature of Freddy demanded a surge of energy. He was eager to enter an art college. For this, the young man previously passed special courses, and was enrolled in the Ealing College of Art. Several years spent in this educational institution strengthened professionalism in him and gave him a meeting with a young man Tim Staffell – vocalist of the Smile band. He infected Freddie with a love of rock music and introduced him to guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor. Together they were even able to release one single.

From Smile to Queen
Freddie Mercury also tried to collaborate with other musical groups (Ibex, Sour Milk Sea), traveled with singer Freddie Mercury in small tours and gained experience in performing. But in the spring of 1970, Freddie finally settled in the Smile group, Staffell left there and thus “vacated” the vocalist’s place for Mercury. Then he proposed to rename the group and coined the magnificent name Queen.

Thanks to Freddie’s irrepressible desire to become a significant figure in the world of music, the group achieved the signing of a contract with EMI, which now began to engage in the production and distribution of records, as well as the management of the group. This was the first professional step, albeit not the most successful. The debut album did not bring the guys the expected popularity, it was even criticized, but did not break their spirit, on the contrary, pushed to a new round of creativity, more conscious. Ahead of them were waiting for 20 years of lifetime glory.

Researchers of music argue that the secret of popularity and the formula for the success of Queen lies in the combination of several styles – heavy metal, disco, hard rock and lyrical ballads.
Elusive like mercury
Freddy bore the name of Balsar until 1972. During the recording of one of the singles, he decided to take the creative pseudonym Mercury.

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