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The whole world knows the legendary parents of Sean Lennon – Yoko Ono and John Lennon. The harder it is for him to prove to the world that he is not just a offspring of celebrities, but an outstanding personality. Someone will doubt that children of famous personalities generally need to prove something to someone. As it turned out, it’s just as necessary, so as not to be the eternally nameless “son of that same John Lennon”.

Sean Lennon – Gift Son
Let’s try to summarize what Sean himself managed to achieve in his years. It is a notorious fact that Sean was born on the birthday of his father John – October 9, 1975. Dad’s delight knew no bounds, he galloped with happiness and answered correspondents that at that moment he felt higher than the Empire State Building skyscraper.

That’s really a gift, so the present was presented by the beloved wife of Yoko Onomusicant, Sean Lennon, to her husband on the day of the 35th birthday. For the sake of his son, John almost stopped making music, and spent all the time with Sean, experiencing the incredible happiness of raising a long-awaited child. Yoko, meanwhile, took financial trouble on herself and was actively engaged in multiplying her family fortune.

Sean was incredibly lucky – few people from the world of bohemia devoted themselves to the child without a trace. Five years, John put his knowledge, skills and abilities into his son, tried to comprehensively develop the boy. Perhaps this is how he tried to calm pangs of conscience for the lack of attention to his eldest son Julian from his first marriage.

Under the tutelage of mom
The house of Lennon and Ono was full of musical instruments and recording equipment, so Sean from early childhood learned the wisdom of technology. His father taught him to play the guitar and introduced him to rock and roll through the songs of Elvis Presley. musician Sean Lennon Of course, the child was moderately spoiled, but not stupid at all. This helped him after the tragic date of December 8, 1980, when his father was gone.

The boy had to get used to life without a dad. But, fortunately, he had an active mother who introduced Sean to the public almost from the cradle. He was not afraid of camera flashes and questions of reporters, calmly related to all the costs of stellar life.

Already at the age of seven, he played one of the roles in Michael Jackson’s film “Moonwalk”, attended with his mother music awards, presentations of art projects and social events. So he was not deprived of the attention of the press.

Yoko Ono attracted a nine-year-old son to the recording of her single “Every Man Has A Woman”, giving him the opportunity to try himself when creating other records. At age 13, fragments of his interview were used to create a documentary about John Lennon’s Imagine.

European education
However, Yoko tried not to pamper her son very much and sent him to Switzerland to study at Li Rosi’s closed boarding school. As Sean himself later admitted, the conditions there were not the mildest, the students were brought up in severity, despite the star status of their parents. English prince Edward, future King of Belgium Albert II, descendants of the Rothschild clan, children of Diana Ross, the last lover of Princess Diana Dodi Al-Fayed and members of the American indie rock band The Strokes spent their school days in this educational institution.

There, Sean wanted to become a cultured and educated young man who would understand the classical art of musician Sean Lennon and literature, knew the masterpieces of world cinema and could feel free in the society of intellectuals.

Returning to New York, young Lennon realized that Europe lagged behind the United States, in particular, in musical development. There, he almost missed the birth and formation of hip-hop. Then, for three semesters, Sean Lennon studied at Columbia University until he finally realized that he wanted to focus only on music. He was not deprived of this talent, but he did not particularly strive to develop it. The first lines of the charts, the screeching of fans and rave reviews from critics of the world of music were alien to him.

The first independent steps in music
Sean’s early work was influenced by renowned American rock musician and songwriter Lenny Kravitz. Back in 1991, Lenny, Yoko and Sean organized a collective recording of the song “Give the World a Chance” by the most famous musicians of that time. She became a symbol of protest against the Gulf War. musician Sean Lennon Shawn was close to the pacifist ideas of his parents, so world events for him were not just news from the TV screen.

Later, he helped Lenny Kravitz record the album “Mama Said”, and then gathered his own group. This band accompanied the performances of Yoko Ono, even the joint album “Rising” was released.

After that, he began close collaboration with the duo Cibo Matto, who worked in the genre of alternative music. Then Sean was 22 years old and working together with a New York group.

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