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How many epithets Yoko Ono just did not reward, what labels did not hang – a witch, mediocrity, inhuman, crazy, nondescript. However, all this did not prevent her from becoming the most famous of unknown artists and almost the most discussed widow of the twentieth century. In this, only Jacqueline Kennedy excelled her. What helped Yoko Ono win so many “titles”?

Hereditary aristocrat Yoko Ono
The character of the Japanese Yoko, who was born on February 18, 1933, was tempered as a child, when the family of Tokyo aristocrats had to hide from the bombing of World War II and flee to a remote village. The upper class experienced humiliation and extreme poverty there. Before that, Yoko lived with her mother while her father (a descendant of the emperor) held senior positions at the Bank of Japan in San Francisco. The family was separated several times, then reunited in connection with the new appointments of his father.

Despite moving, Yoko managed to graduate from a prestigious school in Japan, after which the whole family moved to New York, where Yoko began her career as a conceptual artist. True, before that she wanted to become an opera singer, she even studied music and literature in college, but in 1956 she met the poor and unknown composer Tosi Itiyanagi, whom she married against the will of her parents. But it was Toshi who became her thread in the world of avant-garde artists. He got a job as a pianist in the dance troupe of the American choreographer Merce Cunningham, who was familiar with many avant-garde artists.

From Conceptualism to Suicide – One Step
singer yoko onos mother
The first steps of Yoko Ono in this direction were very unsuccessful. She tried to compile her talents, experimented, looked for ways to reach the public, but they were futile – neither performances, performances, nor exhibitions attracted almost any interest from the audience. On top of that, critics pretended that Yoko simply does not exist in the art world.

All these unsuccessful efforts of self-realization led Ono to depressions, a way out of which she was looking for in an attempt to take her own life. Perhaps this was another way to attract attention, because at the right moment, the husband and savior of Tosi Itiyanagi always appeared nearby.

Soon, the parents found out about the problems of the daughter and took decisive measures. In 1962, they sent Yoko Ono to their homeland, Japan, to undergo treatment at a psychiatric hospital.

singer Yoko Onos Anthony Cox and Keko
As it turned out later, even there, fate was preparing a surprise for her. Almost the only big fan of Yoko Ono’s work was the American producer Anthony Cox. Upon learning of her misfortune, he abandoned everything and went to Japan to look after Yoko. After treatment, he took her to New York and began to produce her projects. After this, Yoko left her first husband and registered her relationship with Anthony.

In 1963, the daughter of Keko Ono Koks was born in the family, although the birth of a child did not save their marriage from collapse. They spent another three years together, engaged in creativity and positioned themselves as conceptual artists. This direction of art expressed an artistic idea in an absurd, often meaningless form. The same was the life of the artist herself. Her actions were never distinguished by consistency and logic.

5 shillings for the right to be the first
A new page in life and even creativity began at Yoko Ono after meeting with the idol of millions of people, a living legend John Lennon. Numerous sources claim that their first meeting was held by singer Yoko Onov at the London Indica Gallery.

It was at the end of 1966. There was preparing for the opening of the Yoko exhibition, and John allegedly wandered there by accident. There was a stepladder in the hall. He climbed the stairs, holding a magnifying glass in his hand and trying to read one word that was written on the ceiling. Through a magnifying glass, he examined the word “Yes.” The musician’s shown interest did not escape the artist’s tenacious gaze.

He looked around the exhibition and saw a regular plank, near which lay a hammer with nails. John wanted to drive a nail, but Yoko began to object, because the opening was planned only the next day. Lennon continued to insist, and then the avant-garde demanded from him 5 shillings for the right to be the first. John found a way out of this situation. He proposed to drive an imaginary nail for the same imaginary money.

This story became the reason for the stinging statements of fans, they say, the nail was hammered into the lid of the coffin of the group The Beatles, as well as two families.
Bowl of love and a broken cup
Next was what the world of music discussed for a very long time. Firstly, she was 7 years older than John. Secondly, singer Yoko OnoYoko was on duty at John’s house for hours, seeking his attention in various ways: writing notes, sending letters, and once even a broken cup drenched in red paint. Otherwise, it’s difficult to call such behavior crazy. But it was it that had the effect, and Lennon began to support her exhibitions.

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