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No matter how strange it may look, this singer and composer, who gained world fame thanks to the song “L’italiano”, is more popular and loved abroad than in his homeland. Of course, in Italy everyone knows Toto Kutuno, they sing his songs, but it was on the Apennines that the artist’s work was constantly smashed to pieces without finding something original in Kutuno’s compositions. But the paradox is that the audience never agreed with their opinion – Toto was and remains the favorite of the public, who became the face of the San Remo festival, introducing a new hit on it almost every year, and then disappearing from his native stage until the next season .

Sea and music
On July 7, 1943, a boy was born in the Tuscan town of Fozdinovo in the Kutuno family, who was named Salvatore, but mother Olga called her son Toto from childhood. Under this name, he later became a famous singer. The childhood and singer Toto Kutunoyunyutno years of Kutuno passed in the port city of La Spezia, where they transferred the father of Domenico Kutuno – a naval sailor. The father’s love for the sea was also transmitted to his children. Toto still could not stand confidently on his feet, but in the water he felt like a fish, and later disappeared on city beaches, dreaming of distant travels and deep feelings.

Father Toto Cutugno played the trumpet well and, like a true Italian, encouraged his son to practice music. The boy mastered the drum kit, then learned to play the guitar and accordion. So music confidently entered the life of Salvatore. First, the young man graduated from school, and then entered the Lyceum as an accountant, because the family considered it mandatory to receive a document about the “real” profession. Of course, this “crust” of Toto was not useful, by profession he did not work a day.

First love road
At age 14, Toto learned what first love is, and under the influence of this feeling, the first song was born in his heart, which he called “La strada dell’amore” (“The Road of Love”). Later, Cutugno called her terribly ugly, but did it really matter. The beginning has been made.

A few months earlier, Salvatore participated in the accordion competition, in which he took third place. This was a great success for the young man, because the singer Toto Kutunoyo rivals were musicians much older.

Over time, he mastered playing the saxophone and piano, falling in love with jazz, and at the age of 19 with the jazzman collective Guido Manuzardi went on tour in Scandinavia. The tour was a tremendous success, and this determined the fate of Toto – he decided to finally connect his life with music.

Returning from the tour, Kutuno gathers the group Toto e Tati. It included the younger brother of Toto – Roberto and their three friends – Massimo Vigano, Gigi Tone and Lino Losito. For a couple of years, the guys visited many clubs and bars in different parts of Italy. I must admit that the performances of novice musicians were not always successful. They could not charm the audience with anything special, since they performed foreign, already popular songs, therefore they did not differ in their own style from hundreds of other Italian groups of that time.

Favorable acquaintance Toto Cutugno
In 1975, Kutuno’s band Toto e Tati broke up, but the singer is putting together a new band – Albatros. With him, he again toured the country, speaking at discos and in clubs. In one of these institutions, Toto noticed the famous Italian songwriter Vito Pallavicini. The musician invited Cutugno to his studio to get to know his work more closely. After this meeting, Vito was simply amazed at Toto’s composing talent. It was Pallavicini who opened the door for Kutuno to the world of show business, he introduced him to famous musicians, singer Toto Kutunoi helped establish profitable cooperation with them. As a result of this work, great hits were born that became the decoration of Joe Dassin’s repertoire – “Et si tu n`éxistais pas”, “Salut” and “L`été Indien”.

For the famous French singer Johnny Holliday Toto created the composition “Derrierre l’amour” (“For Love”), which even included the legendary Paul Moriah in his repertoire.

Cutugno works with his compatriots. He wrote several songs for Adriano Celentano (“Soli”, “Non’è”, “- Amore? – No!”), The band Ricchi è Poveri, Ornella Vanoni, Gianni Nadzaro and other performers. Toto Cutugno also creates music for the film “The Taming of the Shrew.”

And with his group Albatros, the singer participated in the 1976 San Remo Festival. The composition “Volo AZ-504” (“Flight AZ-504”) brings the musicians not only third place, but also the love of the audience.

The Conquest of San Remo
Since then, Toto’s career has been rapidly gaining momentum. His hit “Donna, donna mia” was chosen as a musical intro to the program of the famous Italian singer Toto Cutugno TV presenter Mike Bongiorno. Kutuno was not sure that this song could be so successful, but Bongiorno insisted that it be played on air in the author’s performance. Donna, donna mia has been a leader in Italian and French charts for more than a month, inspiring Cutugno to go to the San Remo festival in 1980.

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