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If you ask the generation of the late 1980s and the beginning of the violent 1990s who Vyacheslav Butusov is, many would say that everything is said with these two…

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Hearing the name of this artist, most music lovers will immediately remember the famous “Smereka”, “Bird of Happiness” and “Raspberry Ringer”. Although part of the singer’s fans prefers such hits…

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If you ask the generation of the late 1980s and the beginning of the violent 1990s who Vyacheslav Butusov is, many would say that everything is said with these two words. Then he became not even a symbol, but rather a kind of messenger of rock music, who boldly challenged dullness, inferiority and mediocrity, “spraying” the atmosphere of heady freedom among fans.

By city and by weight
Undoubtedly, Vyacheslav Butusov and the Nautilus Pompilius group are inseparable concepts and phenomena. Songs “I want to be with you”, “Goodbye, America”, “Chained together”, “Wings”, “Breath”, “Tutankhamun”, “On the bank of an unnamed river”, “Walking on water” with simple and at the same time soulful -associative texts forever remain in memory. And today, Butusov only needs to go silently onto the stage, the audience will sing for him.

Vyacheslav Butusov was born in the suburbs of Krasnoyarsk on October 15, 1961. Parents arrived there on a Komsomol ticket, while the grandiose construction of a hydroelectric power station was going on. singer Vyacheslav Butusov Fathers were often sent from one city to another, so the family had to move from place to place, and Vyacheslav was forced to change more than one school in his childhood. Of course, on the one hand, these circumstances traumatized the psyche of the boy, but on the other, they expanded his horizons and stimulated imagination.

Vyacheslav’s mother worked at the Philharmonic, and this greatly contributed to the development of Butusov’s musical preferences. He had the opportunity to regularly attend concerts of popular Soviet singers of that era. And the first Russian rock group that he had a chance to hear live was the “Buffoons” by Alexander Gradsky. Vyacheslav forever remembered how the rockers took to the stage in rumpled clothes and disheveled hair, thereby causing shock for most viewers.

Butusov’s musical preferences were influenced by the appearance of a tape recorder in the family. He could spend hours playing cassettes with rocker recordings, among which were most of all the songs of the legendary band Led Zeppelin.

Young rhyming machine Butusov
In school, Vyacheslav took the first steps in composing poetry, and, as he later admitted, in order not to learn Pushkin’s poetry. With difficulty, he was given poems that had to be learned by heart in the framework of literature lessons. Then the young man decided that he needed to start writing his own. The teacher allowed him not the singer Vyacheslav Butusov to learn the poetry of Alexander Sergeyevich in exchange for the fact that Butusov would read his creation in the lesson. So children’s pampering led to the creation of lyrics, and later music, when parents bought Vyacheslav a guitar. At school, he gathered the musical group BIGVIRUS, with which his musical career began.

Having received secondary education, Butusov went to Sverdlovsk (present-day Yekaterinburg), where he entered the architectural institute. According to a long Soviet tradition, students were attracted to the autumn harvest. And when, after the next workday, the youth gathered and sang songs to the guitar, Vyacheslav really wanted to play something from The Rolling Stones. Just the freshman did not know the words, so I had to mutter something unintelligible to the guitar chords, but the guys listened, opening their mouths in amazement. Vyacheslav understood that you could not hold out on such a deception for a long time, so he began to compose his music in order to keep the attention of the “audience”.

Student “Relocation”
At one of these gatherings, Vyacheslav met his future wife, Marina. Literally a month later, young people began to live together, then got married, and in the summer of 1980, the daughter Vyacheslav Butusovnykh had a daughter, Anna.

Despite studying at the institute and family cares, Vyacheslav took time to work and regularly went to rehearsals with other musicians. At the institute, he met Dmitry Umetsky, who was equally passionate about music. He knew English well and had a lot of scarce records. Vyacheslav and Dmitry often gathered, picked up melodies on guitars and composed their songs. Before graduating from the institute, the newly-minted musicians recorded their first amateur album, which they called “Relocation.”

Birth of the Nautilus
After receiving the diploma, Butusov got a job in the specialty, he was hired as an architect at a design institute. Vyacheslav, among other specialists, was engaged in the development of the Sverdlovsk metro. Butusov and Umetsky spent their free time from work and household duties at the city rock club. Then Vyacheslav seriously thought about creating his own group. At the family council, they decided that it was worth starting with acquiring a good guitar. For this, Marina handed over all the gold jewelry she had at the pawnshop. Such was her contribution to the creation of Vyacheslav Butusov “Nautilus Pompilius.” The first songs of the group were played on that guitar, and most of them were dedicated to Marina.

The Institute of Architecture gave Vyacheslav Butusov another fateful meeting – with Ilya Kormiltsev, who wrote poetry for most of the Nautilus hits. Although their creative tandem did not take shape right away. In the spring of 1985, the group recorded the album “Invisible”, and a year later the collection “Separation” appeared.

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