The Queen of the Opera - Galina Vishnevskaya
Her work represents an entire era, it turned out to be so bright and exciting. The life of the great Galina Vishnevskaya was just as intense. The tragic pages of…

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“What would I be if I did not believe in God and did not surrender to His will?”
The story of the impressions of the concert dedicated to the 170th anniversary of P.I. Tchaikovsky, which was performed by the Symphony No. 5 of the composer, I want to…

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The success achieved by Luciano Pavarotti was not yet in any tenor. He turned arias into hits. To hear him, the stadiums gathered. He was great because his soul was…

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This man was in the top thirty of the greatest British, became one of the best vocalists of all time, while he refused the award of the Commander of the British Empire and the title of knight, saying that this was not at all what he had worked all his life for. That was David Bowie.

David chameleon
To those who are familiar with David Bowie’s music superficially, it may seem that he did nothing more than glam rock and electronics. But his work is really comprehensive and multifaceted. One has only to imagine the circle of his followers to be convinced of this. Once, one of the music critics said that everything that has been in rock music over the past decades is just scraps from David’s feast.

The secret of his career is easy to explain. Firstly, Bowie became one of the founding fathers of rock, so society deified him, like The Beatles. He was among the pioneers of glam rock and the most active popularizer of this singer, David Bowistil. Secondly, it is impossible not to mention his charismatic personality. From the first career steps, David was able to create and maintain the image of a kind of otherworldly alien, as if he had come from parallel reality in order to tell humanity something important. Even after many years, when he moved away from this image, it was very difficult to perceive it differently. Thirdly, the extraordinary Bowie always had a “nose” for hit songs. Even without scenic surroundings, they took off in the ratings and were a huge success with the public. And I must say that music always takes him for a living, this is not just a popular song of the season. He did not go on stage for prestige, profit or fashion. David Bowie made people listen, think and learn.

In 2000, one of the music magazines recognized him as the most influential artist of the past century. It is interesting, but even those musicians whom he considered his idols subsequently used elements invented by David Bowie in their work and performed covers for his singer David Bowipesney. Isn’t that the pinnacle of recognition !?

David was also distinguished by the fact that he, as it were, always re-generated his individual style. He started with rhythm and blues and soul, then turned to metal rock and even industrial. But he never said that he gravitates to a particular genre. Even he later left glam rock, despite the fact that his stage image of Ziggy Stardust is considered his messiah. For the eclecticism of styles and trends in the work of Bowie, they nicknamed David the Chameleon.

Alien guest
The future king of glam rock David Robert Jones (this is the real name of Bowie) was born in London. It happened on January 8, 1947. Six years later, the family moved to a suburb of Bromley, where David went to school. There he attended the first lessons of music, and also received basic knowledge of choreography. singer David Bowie Teachers were amazed at his extraordinary abilities at such a young age.

A new incentive for the passion for music appeared in the boy when his father brought home a collection of American music records, among which were Elvis Presley, Little Richard, Fats Domino, The Platters and The Teenagers. David Bowie later recalled that after the song “Tutti Frutti” by Little Richard, it seemed to him that he had heard God himself. And when his cousin, which was usually impossible to budge, incendiary began to dance to Elvis Presley, David realized that music has power. Since then, he began to collect records.

A year later, he managed to acquire a ukulele and an instrument called tee-chest-bass, and David also learned to play the piano and started playing “skiffle” (a type of folk music) with his friends. The young man’s stage performances fascinated the audience, who even then called it something alien.

Debut album
David was determined to connect his life with music. He organized the first rock band at the age of 15, although the famous singer David Bowes was not immediately born to the world. Before the start of his solo career, David sang and played in several pop and rock bands, each of which is now known only because Bowie was once their member. At first, the musician went on stage under the name Davy Jones, but one of the vocalists of The Monkees had the same name. This created confusion. Then David ended this and chose a pseudonym for the name of the American knife – the bowie, and the gun, in turn, was named after James Bowie – the hero of the American revolution.

In 1967, David recorded his first album with a simple and at the same time rather pretentious title for the debut – “David Bowie”. This record made him a superstar.

Glam Rock King David Bowie
It took Bowie several years to build up his unique stage image, which attracted the audience with a magnet. And when in 1969 his song “Space Oddity” was at the top of the charts, then the singer David Bowies literally found out about David. Following the song, the album of the same name was released.

The musician continued to work in the studio, and the result of his work in 1970 was the third plastic called “The Man Who Sold the World”.

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