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The singer Nazariy Yaremchuk lived unfairly shortly, but managed to become a legend of Ukrainian and Soviet pop. The songs “Chervona Ruta”, “Guy, Green Guy”, “Vodograi”, “Stozhari”, “Smerekova Hut”, “I Will Go to the Far Mountains” and others circled around the world with him. One poet said of Nazarius that from such soulful singing he had corns in his throat, and his voice became wings.

Love for the song
Nazariy Yaremchuk was born in the village of Rivne in the Chernivtsi region on November 30, 1951 in an ordinary peasant family. He was born when his father was 64 years old, his wife is 33 years younger. Despite this age difference, four children were brought up in the family, instilling in them a love for the singer Nazariy Yaremchukrodniy and culture. Everyone loved the music Yaremchuki – his father had a wonderful tenor, which he demonstrated in the church choir, his mother also had a good voice, she also played the mandolin and performed at the local folk theater. Therefore, Nazarius began to sing as a child.

The boy’s carefree childhood ended when his father died. Then Nazarius was only 12 years old. Mother received a miserable nurse’s rate and was forced to send her son to a boarding school. He was not ready for such a sharp turn, but meekly obeyed the will of his beloved mother. Yaremchuk studied well, studied in circles, especially he liked to sing in the choir.

After school, the young man submitted documents to the geographical faculty of Chernivtsi University, he dreamed of becoming a traveler, like Jacques Yves Cousteau, but the young man did not pass the competition. He had to get a seismologist in exploration. It turned out to enter the university on the second attempt.

Notable young man Nazariy Yaremchuk
In Vyzhnytsky House of Culture rehearsals of VIA “Smerichka” were held, to which Nazariy liked to come after classes. The team leader Levko Dutkovsky noticed the guy and suggested that he do something. He chose the song “Kohan” Igor Poklad. Dutkovsky liked the voice of Nazarii so much, singer Nazarii Yaremchuk that he immediately invited him to join the band. So in the fall of 1969, Yaremchuk became a member of the ensemble.

A huge role in the life of the singer and the whole collective was played by acquaintance with a student at the medical institute, and at the same time with the young composer Vladimir Ivasyuk. Thanks to his talent, the world heard the song “Chervona Ruta”, and then many other hits. Two colorful soloists Nazarii Yaremchuk and Vasily Zinkevich became popular favorites after the release of the musical film “Chervona Ruta” in 1971. During the filming of this domestic musical, a misfortune happened in Nazarii’s life – his mother Maria Dar’evna, whose love and respect he carried through his whole life, passed away.

We are looking for talent
For the performance of songs by Ivasyuk and Dutkovsky, the ensemble “Smerichka” became the laureate of the “Song of the Year” and the competition “Hello, we are looking for talents”, but the glory did not change Nazarii, he didn’t threaten star disease. Singer Nazariy Yaremchuk At that time he managed to work and was simple laboratory assistant, and senior engineer, until he realized that he could not without singing. Soon the ensemble was invited to work on a professional stage in the Chernivtsi Regional Philharmonic. Nazariy began to study in absentia and plunged into the pop song with his head. The schedule of the band’s performances was so tight that I had to work out 2-3 concerts a day, these are incredible loads by today’s standards. Concert halls and houses of culture could not accommodate everyone who came to listen to popular young performers. Then, between Yaremchuk and the singer of “Smerіchki” Elena Shevchenko, an affair began and eventually they got married. Two sons were born in the family – Dmitry and Nazar.

True friend
In the mid-1970s, the super-popular duet of Zinkevich and Yaremchuk broke up, the leadership of both performers clearly interfered with the creative process. Each of the singers found his own way in art: Vasily Zinkevich became the soloist of the Lutsk ensemble “Svityaz”, and Nazariy Yaremchuk remained in Smerichtsi. Nevertheless, the singers managed to maintain friendly relations. He did not suffer any scandals or clarification of relations, always telling his relatives that not a minute of his life should be spent on this fuss.

When the assassination of Vladimir Ivasyuk happened, they, together with Levk Dutkovsky, contrary to the authorities’ ban, went to Lviv for the funeral and led the funeral procession. They were not afraid to risk a career, reputation, peace of mind and families. The musicians simply could not lead their friend on their last journey.

Singer of love
On the stage, Nazari Yaremchuk was assigned the role of a lyrical performer. In the 1980s he was a singer of love, now he would be called a “sex symbol”. When this handsome “from the blue mountains” sang “Invite me to your dreams,” all the girls believed that this request was addressed to her. singer Nazariy YaremchukInternational recognition came to Yaremchuk when the ensemble represented the country at the Bratislava Lyre contest, which became the laureate of the Ukrainian soloist. Then there were prizes named after Nikolai Ostrovsky, a diploma of the All-Union competition-review of thematic programs and the World Festival of Youth and Students in Moscow.

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